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9/8/2017 Hurricane IRMA

From the desk of the Board of Directors

Forest Hammock Home Owners Association

4371 Plantation Oaks Blvd, Orange Park Florida 32065




The Board would like to share our concern for the well-being of our neighbor families as Hurricane Irma works its way up the state.  With luck, we'll see a downgraded storm and minimal overall impact to our community.  We do have some requests to help with safety and protection of property.


Ensure that you have enough emergency supplies for 7-days without power.  Fill up cars with gas prior to the storm in the event of evacuation.  Stock up on water and foods that don't require electricity to cook.  Have extra batteries and portable lighting (battery lanterns, flashlights).  Test generators and check oil levels prior to running.  Have a first aid kit handy and always prepare with a bug-out bag with clothes, medicines and other vital personal needs.  It is recommend that you use masking tape to help secure windows in the event of damage.  This will help minimize the glass becoming a projectile.  Placing an "X" in the glass panes using the masking tape is a best practice.  Here are some other requests from the Board to help maximize safety:


1.  Please secure indoors any lawn furniture or other items that may become projectiles during the storm.

2.  Secure your gas grills with bungee cords and place them in a location that will be most protected from high winds.

3.  Please park your vehicles off the street.  If necessary, park additional vehicles at the Amenity Center so that we may keep the streets free for Emergency vehicles.  It is highly recommended, when possible, to park your vehicles in your garage to add a further layer of protection from flying debris damage.

4.  Please lay all portable basketball hoops down next to your house.  Even with sand bags on the portable, the extreme wind potential will risk the item becoming a projectile.

5.  Do not place your garbage out Sunday night or Monday morning.  We're working with Advanced to determine when their trash pickup will be but they aren't picking up on Monday and will announce the pick up after the storm passes.  Garbage cans should be secured indoors during the storm and out of community view at all other times other than trash day (Monday).

6.  Please consider bringing flags and lawn banners in during the storm so that you do not lose or experience damage.  Often, the lawn spikes will become projectiles.

7.  Stay indoors!  While it is tempting to experience Mother Nature, it isn't safe.  The risk of flying debris is too great and you or a family member may be injured or killed.  The storm will pass quickly and you can survey after.

8.  If we fall into the eye of the storm, it is tempting to go outside.  Remember, the stronger elements come after the eye and will come on us quickly.  Don't get trapped outdoors.

9. The Amenity center will close on Saturday at noon to allow us time to secure the pool furniture.  The gates will lock out and we ask that you refrain from entering the pool area or using the amenities until we're able to assess damages on Tuesday.  We'll send out an announcement notifying the re-opening via the website:


Should you have any needs during the storm, please feel free to reach out to the Board via phone or by using the contact us form on the website if you have internet.  We'll do our best to assist.  As always, any emergencies please dial 911.



John Jaeger

President & Chairman

Forest Hammock, HOA


p: 904-413-8707