Forest Hammock HOA

What do I do if I see an Alligator in Forest Hammock?
Do NOT attempt to capture it yourself, call the Gator Hot Line (866) 392-4286 and they will assist you.

Who do I contact if I have an issue with a stray or wild animal, or to complain about barking dogs?
Contact Clay County Animal Control (904) 269-6342

What should I do if I see someone driving recklessly, parked illegally, or blocking traffic?
Roadways within Forest Hammock are maintained and controlled by the county. Vehicles parked in the street may not impede traffic flow or hinder the vision of motorists. Contact Clay County Sheriff's Department for any concerns regarding roadways in Forest Hammock. (904) 264-6512

Can I park my boat in my driveway?
Rules regarding parking of boats within driveways and yards are outlined in your HOA Covenants and Restrictions. Questions should be directed to your HOA/POA management.

Can I put a satellite dish on my property?
Please check your HOA Covenants and Restrictions or contact the HOA to inquire as to regulations regarding satellite dish use in the community.

What are the Covenants and Restrictions?
This refers to the documents outlining the HOA rules regarding such items as yard maintenance and items that require architectural review such as fence installations. Please contact your HOA management to obtain a copy of these documents.

I am new to the area, how do I get my electricity and utilities setup?
Clay Electric (904) 272-2456 JEA (Jacksonville Electric Authority) (904) 665-6000 Clay County Utility Authority (904) 272-5999

Can I install a fence on my property?
To install any type of fence, property owners must file with ARB, which is managed through the HOA.

May I see the Annual Financial Report for Forest Hammock?
Chapter 218, Florida Statutes, prescribes financial management and reporting requirements for local governments, which include counties, municipalities, and special districts. The following link will give you access to the Annual Financial Report (AFR) required by statutes.

When should I put my trash, recycling, or yard waste out?
Trash, recycling, and yard waste are handled by Advanced Disposal (904) 695-0500. Yard waste and recycling are picked up on Friday morning, garbage pick up is Monday. Recycling and trash containers should not be placed curbside more than one day prior to pick up.

Can I ride my golf cart to the Forest Hammock Amenity Center?
No. Forest Hammock has not been approved by the county for golf cart use on the sidewalks or roadways. Violators can be ticketed by the Clay County Sheriff's Office. Report violations: (904) 264-6512

Can I ride my motorized skateboard, scooter, or go-kart around the neighborhood?
No, per Clay County Sheriff's Office, it is illegal to operate motorized skateboards, scooters, or go-karts on streets or sidewalks. Report violations: (904) 264-6512

What amenities does Forest Hammock offer?
Forest Hammock has some fabulous facilities available to residents. Facilities include: A tennis court, soccer field, sand volleyball, pool, patios, and playgrounds. Contact the Community Amenity Coordinator for more information.

What are the area schools, and how can I contact them?
Oakleaf Plantation is serviced by two public elementary schools, one public junior high school, and three public high schools. Clay County District Schools: (904) 284-6500 Oakleaf Village Elementary School: (904) 291-5458 Plantation Oaks Elementary School: (904) 214-7474 Oakleaf Junior High School: (904) 213-5500 Oakleaf High School: (904) 213-1900 Orange Park High School: (904) 272-8110 Middleburg High School: (904) 213-2100

Can I put up a sign on my property?

Forest Hammock's Covenants and Restrictions specify size and type of signs used within Forest Hammock. Only approved signage is allowed on private residences. Signage along roadways or on District property will be removed.

What do I do if I see algae in one of the ponds?
Some algae in ponds is normal. The ponds are maintained by an outside contractor, if you notice what seems to be an unusual amount of algae, you may bring it up at the next HOA meeting.

Can I fish in the ponds at Forest Hammock?
Ponds are maintained by an outside contractor. Fishing is restricted from some ponds as indicated by “No Fishing” signs. There is to be no dumping of any materials natural or otherwise into the storm water retention ponds.

How do I report a broken street lamp?
Contact Clay Electric (904) 272-2456

Can I trim or remove a tree from my property?
Per the covenants; No party shall cut ANY living tree having a trunk diameter greater than six (6) inches in diameter at a height of three (3) feet without prior ARC approval.